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© 2020 Edwin Mishkin

This collection consists of works of fiction, selected poems and other thoughts I have had and decided to record since I retired from the practice of law some years ago. Initially, they were written for my own amusement, without an eye toward publication. But as I have often been asked by family and friends what exactly I did with all my post-retirement spare time, I decided to organize them into this small collection that I could give to such inquisitors as at least a partial answer to their questions. More recently, principally because of the urgings of my wife, Caren Nederlander, I "self published" them so that they could be more widely available in the event, which I strongly doubt, that there is a larger audience who might find some interest in my musings. It is also to my wife that I owe the photograph on the cover of this volume which, in its depiction of a road that leads to an unseen destination, captures for me the feeling I had when I wrote these pieces since, as they are products of my imagination rather than chronicles of actual events, I could not always know when I began one where it would lead me.